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IPNTA Newsletters

May 2015

Complete Newsletter (PDF)

  • News Flash: LAP Lease Renewals
  • Pier 25/26 Activities
  • HPD and Downsizing of our Enhanced Voucher Tenants
  • The Lobbies
  • BMCC Rooftop Construction
  • The Laundry Rooms
  • Special thanks to John Lynch
  • Doorman, Louis “Louie” Hernandez – 80 N.Moore Street
  • Holiday 2014 Collection
  • Membership in the Independence Plaza North Tenants Association

October 2013

Complete Newsletter (PDF)

  • DHCR Order Terminating Proceeding - The J-51 Battle Ends for IPN Tenants
  • Update on Voucher Tenant Information
  • HPD RA form for Voucher Tenants
  • Entertainment on Pier 26
  • IP Amenity Center a.ka. “The Gym”
  • Seniors, Special Situations and Disabled

February 2013

Complete Newsletter (PDF)

  • Tenants Fight for Affordable Rents at IPN
  • Update on the Rodent Problem
  • 2013 Membership

December 2011

Complete Newsletter (PDF)

  • J-51 Update
  • IPN Holiday Party - December 15, 2011
  • Choral Masters Performance Schedule
  • Best Doorman in NY

September 2011

Complete Newsletter (PDF)

  • J-51 Update
  • Zadroga Bill Didn’t Cover IPN… But We Worked Hard and Won
  • Welcome to New IP Tenants
  • If You Have a Terrace...
  • In Memoriam: Robert Bower
  • Nuisance: Ashiya Japanese Restaurant
  • Local September 11th Events

March 2011

Complete Newsletter (HTML) / Complete Newsletter (PDF)

  • J-51 UPDATE
  • Rent Stabilization Apartment Registration
  • Rent Stabilization And Albany
  • Yikes: bedbugs!!
  • Heat Problems At Ipn
  • Time Bank Organization
  • HPD: Early Inspections Of Voucher Apartments
  • Dog-Walking Around IPN
  • Senior News
    • Grab Bars
    • Caring Community
    • Community Resources
  • In Memoriam: Anne Compoccia
  • Holiday Collection
  • News to Feel Good About

October 2010

Complete Newsletter (HTML) / Complete Newsletter (PDF)

  • Tenants Won the Lawsuit
  • Pay Your Rent
  • File your Rent Overcharge Complaint with the IPN Group
  • Voltunteers Needed
  • Filing Your Complaint with the IPNTA Group - Workshop Sche4dule for Help and Submitting Forms
  • Initial Legal Fund Contribution
  • Instructions for Completng Forms
  • Attention Voucher Tenants

February 2010

Complete Newsletter (HTML) / Complete Newsletter (PDF)

  • We Are Still Waiting and the Legal Issues Are Not Over
  • J-51 and Rent Stabilization at Independence Plaza
  • Future Rent Increases
  • Electricity Issues
  • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)
  • What IPNTA Does
  • How You Can Help the Tenant Association Continue Helping You

November 2009

Complete Newsletter (HTML) / Complete Newsletter (PDF)

  • IPN Holiday Party
  • Tenant Meeting - November 18, 2009
  • J-51 Tax Abatement, Stuyvesant Decision and I.P.N.
  • Voucher Leases
  • Building Services Meeting with Management-October 09
  • Bylaws Revision
  • How to Report Emergency or Maintenance Issues
  • Health Information for IPN Residents
  • In Memoriam

July 2009

October 2008

March 2008

August 2007

May 2007

April 2007

January 2007

  • News Update, January 16, 2007 [PDF version]
  • Special bulletin regarding sub-metering of individual apartments
  • Residents will receive attention for 9/11 related health conditions!
  • J51 Situation - WE DO NOT HAVE A NEWS UPDATE AT THIS TIME ABOUT THE J-51 SITUATION. Judge M. Friedman will let us know when we are to appear in court again. As already stated, we will let you know when something changes. Stay tuned.
  • Our 2007 Membership Drive Will Begin Shortly. Please be advised that we have raised yearly membership as follows:
    From $20.00 per person per year to $25.00 per person per year.
    Senior membership from 10.00 per person per year to $15.00 per person per year.

    JOIN THE IPNTA and support the organization that advocates on your behalf. You may place your new membership in an envelope with name, address, apt. #, email and phone and check - in the IPNTA lobby tenant boxes starting now. (not to be confused with management's rent collection box.) Thank you for your continued support.

October 2006

  • News Update, October 2006 [PDF version]:
    J51 Update
    Installation of a Low-Pressure Steam Boiler
    Grab Bars for Seniors
    Building Services Committee
    How to Report a Maintenance or Security Problem
    Miscellaneous Notes
    IPNTA Environmental Committee News
    New Tenants

June 2006

  • News Update, June 13, 2006  [Full PDF Version]
  • J-51 Litigation Update
  • Political Update
  • Community News
  • Tribeca Committee
  • Air Flight Pattern
  • Building Services Committee Report
  • Meeting with Tenant Associations from Lawrence Gluck Buildings

Newsletter Archive (2005 - 2002)

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