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Independence Plaza Tenants Association Memo For LAP tenants only (this does not apply to Section 8 voucher tenants)

SCRIE (Senior Citizens Rent Increase Exemption) and DRIE (Disability Rent Increase Exemption)

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Our elected officials, State Senator Brian Kavanagh and Assembly Member Deborah Glick cosponsored the current Bill that expands eligibility for tenants in former Mitchell-Lama rental units to apply to the city’s SCRIE and DRIE programs.

The bill passed the NYS Senate in March and passed the Assembly in late May. Our elected officials have urged the Governor to sign it quickly and understand that it is currently under review by her office. Because of the large amount of bills in front of the Governor “quickly” is relative.

You may qualify for SCRIE if you:

Tenants who believe they would be eligible for SCRIE could start to gather the necessary information and complete their applications now, so they can apply as soon as the bill is signed. We have been in touch with HPD to urge them to enroll eligible tenants as quickly as possible.

More information and application forms: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/finance/benefits/landlords-scrie.page

Many questions remain, particularly about the timing, and Assembly Member Glick and her staff are working closely with Senator Kavanagh’s and Council Member Marte’s offices to seek answers to our open questions.

They understand there is some uncertainty for tenants who are facing upcoming or current lease renewal deadlines, and they are working with HPD to get clarity and confirmation about whether they will be able to process the SCRIE applications with a retroactive date. We do not have that answer yet. And again, the bill will need to be signed by the Governor before HPD can begin reviewing applications under the expanded eligibility.

Our electeds are pleased that expanded SCRIE/DRIE eligibility is on the horizon as it will be a benefit to many tenants citywide. In the meantime, we are aware of the time-sensitive nature of the lease renewals at IPN and are working diligently to clarify next steps.

We, the board of the Independence Plaza Tenants Association have advised tenants who are renewing their LAP leases to sign a one year lease this year, because we are hoping the SCRIE/DRIE bill will be passed soon. But that really is an individual decision up to each tenant and their family.

Board members have signed their leases regardless of the closeness of the passage of the bill. We believe our representatives will work hard to have the bill include retroactive lease renewals. In the meantime, we must sign our leases which were due before this memo was sent out.

Most tenants have contacted us for advice. We can only give our opinion; we cannot give legal advice on these matters. We will have more information once the bill is completely signed and ready to go. In the meantime, you need to pay your full rent until further notice. Even if you fill out the application and send it in, until you hear back, the full current rent is needed.

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Best regards,
Diane Lapson: President
Ed Rosner: VP Bldg 1
Diane Stein: VP Bldg 3
BJ Berti: VP Bldg 9
Manuel Cabrero: VP Townhouses
Jean Hartman: Treasurer
Ella Biondi: Secretary
Marnee May: VP at Large
June Grancio: VP at Large
John Scott: Seniors Committee Chair

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