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January 2007

Special bulletin regarding sub-metering of individual apartments

The IPNTA building services committee has met with Stellar Management to discuss submetering.  We also met with representatives from Quadlogic, the company that is installing and maintaining the meters.   Here is what we have learned.

1.  Quadlogic says its meters are small and state of the art. The company says that NY State is using a Quadlogic meter as the prototype in an energy saving campaign. The meter specifications can be viewed at Quadlogic’s website: www.quadlogic.com

2.  Quadlogic supplies & reads the meters.  Con Edison supplies the electricity.

3.  Two licensed electricians (whom we met) work with a licensed installer to install the meters. The installation should take  an hour per apartment.

4.  The meter will be installed in a closet close to the fuse box.   If there is no closet near the fuse box, it will be installed flush mounted on the wall near the fuse box. (Closet contents near the fuse box should be removed before the work is scheduled to be done.)  The meters will begin working as soon as they are installed.  However, electric charge will be billed  only after the  majority of the meters are installed in the apartments.  Your electric charge will appear separately in your rent statement and will be included in your rent bill.

5.  The meters communicate through an Ethernet(Wireless) connection that transmits the information for each apartment to Quadlogic.  Your phone lines will NOT be used.

6.  According to the March 2004 negotiated agreement between the owners and the IPNTA voucher and LAP tenants will not pay service fees.  Tenants who moved in after June 28, 2004 are required under their leases to pay administrative fee for submetering.

7.  Rent for Voucher and LAP tenants will be reduced according to a New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) formula. In addition monthly air conditioner charges will be dropped from the bills. (Suggestion: put that extra money aside for the warmer months when you will now be paying your own electric bills!)

The following chart  contains the DHCR rent reductions.

Studio - 2 rooms
1bd - 3 rooms
2bd - 4 rooms
3bd - 5 rooms
4bd – 6 rooms

New York City Submetering
1 Room $30.81
2 Rooms $30.81
3 Rooms $35.27
4 Rooms $39.59
5 Rooms $44.06
6 Rooms $48.38
Over 6 Rooms $4.39 per room

8.  HPD has informed IPNTA that for voucher tenants the reduction will come out of their personal rent payment.  Management has not confirmed receiving this information.

9.  Management will advise all tenants about installation scheduling.  We have asked for reasonable advance notice.

10.  Quadlogic claims there is little difference in individual electric bills between energy efficient appliances and older appliances. We will explore this further with Con Edison.  For energy efficiency tips visit: http://www.getenergysmart.org   Remember, we are not being charged for heating.  The owners pay for lighting in all common areas (including townhouses) and any other common electrical charges (such as washers and dryers).

If you have additional questions, please either email us at info@IPNTA.Org or
Drop a note into the tenant box in each lobby. We will continue to monitor the installations and as stated, will be discussing older appliances and the effect they could have on your bills.

In the meantime, we were told that hairdryers are probably the most energy zapping appliance in your home. We will follow up with more information in our next newsletter.

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