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May 2007

J51 Update

Under the court's guidelines, a decision on the J-51 motion should be released within 120 days from date 2/13/07, the date of the filing of the final reply brief on the matter. The decision therefore is due by the middle of June, but, may be issued sooner. When we receive it, it will be posted on our web site and a bulletin will be distributed explaining the decision. Please don’t depend on rumors. We will absolutely let the tenants know asap.

LAP Lease Renewals

LAP lease tenants should go to the management office to sign their renewal right away. This will not waive your rent stabilization rights stemming from the J-51, if we win our case. If you have not signed yet, we suggest signing a one year renewal with a 4.25% increase effective 7/1/07, rather then a two year renewal with a 7.25% increase. Based on the Rent Guidelines Board's pattern of annual rent increases and the recently proposed tentative range of increases of 2 to 4.5% on one year lease renewals and 4 to 7.5% on two year renewals, starting between 10/1/07 to 9/30/08, a one year renewal seems the more economical choice.  Also, be sure to check that the AC charges have been deducted from your current rent prior to the calculation of the new rent.

Reviewing & Renewing HPD - Update

Tenants have had issues with HPD since our Mitchell Lama days. Recently, after meeting with the Borough President Scott Stringer and his staff, we listed all of our grievances. These include: Tenants who made innocent mistakes and were threatened with loss of vouchers without remedy; constant missing papers; wrong math; waiting hours at HPD; never getting anyone on the phone; etc.

Stringer, along with Assembly-member Deborah Glick met with Commissioner of HPD, Sean Donovan last week on our behalf. The quick phone update was that Commissioner Donovan and his assistants now understand there are major problems for tenants of which they were previously unaware. This is a work in progress, but we have already seen some results – including a smooth recertification day. They will continue dialogue and we won’t stop pushing. One interesting bit of news that Donovan said, to the great shock of elected officials and their staff (and us), is that in tenant/owner disputes, HPD can send a representative to advocate for the tenant. We never heard that before. We are exploring this further and assume it only refers to voucher tenants now.

Additionally, we were able to get coverage for those tenants who were threatened by voucher loss. Some of their vouchers were cut BEFORE their HPD informal hearing. Now, their vouchers continue until the hearing. We gave our list of tenants who needed assistance to the Borough President whose staff is working on each case. Recently, a tenant who called HPD was told “Your President and Vice Presidents have caused an upheaval here.” That’s good news to our ears. If you are experiencing a problem, let us know. You will need to update us at each step to keep us in the loop or we cannot help. Note in tenants box or email: Info@IPNTA.Org.


  • Marnee May (VP at large) and her team: Doris Denizard and June Grancio for helping voucher recertification day go very smoothly because of their dedicated work. Also, HPD heard us and sent efficient people this year. Thanks for that long day and your help with many tenants before-hand. (Others, like Ed Rosner, were ready to help)
  • Manuel Cabrero, VP Townhouses, for meeting with the Tribeca Film Festival folks as our liaison once again to help lesson the impact the Street Fair has on the neighborhood. He also ensures that garage users are informed in advance of any changes.

Paying for Electricity

VOUCHER TENANTS: If you didn’t see our flyer (removed the next day by ?) HPD has agreed to raise the rebate for voucher tenants starting with your first bill. You will pay less for the submetering charge than was posted previously. Additionally, you won’t be billed until July and will see that bill on your September statement.

LAP TENANTS: We spoke to a DHCR rep, who said they are working on adjusting their rates as well. We spoke to Stellar and they agreed that LAP tenants would benefit from these adjustments when they are made. We hope to be able to influence and push DHCR to hurry up.  Free market tenants pay according to their lease. Stay tuned.

ENERGY SAVINGS! There are a few types of efficient lighting. The most commonly used are compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which save 75% on lighting costs (taking into account both initial replacement and electricity costs). And, CFLs last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. One CFL can save $50 - $75 over its life. From the luminance (brightness) ratings on light bulbs, the new "compact florescent" type puts out about 4x the light of regular incandescent bulbs. They last about 5x longer as well. The newer versions of these CFLs have a warmer color and no longer flicker like those of years ago. (web info)

Report Maintenance Issues:

First, call Maintenance, make a report & get a job number. If you cannot resolve it, contact the IPNTA for help. You must put your issue in writing for us to help you, and include contact numbers/email. Anonymous notes are discarded. NUMBERS: Management (212) 962-3530 - Maintenance (212) 233-1163 Security & After Hours Emergency: (212) 376-4161.

TERRACE WORK AND REBATE DISCUSSION Sorry this has taken longer than desired. There have been quite a bit of important issues to deal with. Ofer Shaul, CEO of Stellar Management, asked us how many tenants had to wait an extremely long time to have their terraces completed before he could discuss rebates. We are asking you to fill out this survey and return it to us. Use the form below or a separate paper with all info.

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. Return to tenant box in lobby.
NAME: ________________________________ BLDG/APT: ___________________
TERRACE FLOOR WAS REDONE: Within 2 weeks: ___________ Longer: (List weeks): _______________ EMAIL: _________________
TELEPHONE NUMBERS: __________________________, _______________________
Comments (here & back or attach note): ___________________________________


Months ago, the New York City Department of Health sent a follow-up 9/11/01 health survey to tenants at IPN who were in the original registry. Unfortunately, many tenants did not fill out the 2nd survey. We cannot stress how important it is for the Department of Health to know how IPN tenants are doing. Only those enrolled in the Registry have been sent a follow-up survey. If you have misplaced yours, contact the Registry at wtchr@health.nyc.gov, (212) 442-1585 or Toll-free Phone Number (866) 692-9827.  Finally, the DOH encourages everyone to visit the Registry’s website (www.wtcregistry.org) for news, information, resource guides, clinical guidelines, scientific articles, and more. Diane Lapson is on the Community panel representing IPN and downtown tenants.


The wood being put up in front of the old Management office at 40 Harrison is protection from the construction work. They are putting store front windows into the brick walls. We do not know yet if a health club will be put into that space, though that was the plan. The second-floor tenants at 40 Harrison were moved to other apartments at the complex to make way for whatever is coming into that space.

The street construction outside of the compactor rooms at 40 Harrison is a Con Edison site. Con Ed is making repairs over their transformers. We know it has been a long time, and if they don’t finish it shortly we will speak to Con Edison. The barricades have been up for at least 2 months. 

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