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Does Tribeca need a 940-foot tower?
IPNTA Community Meeting

Our NYC Council Member Christopher Marte and community leaders and activists will tell us about Vornado/Stellar's plan, and how we - the community - can fight it!

Monday, March 25, 2024, 7:00 pm
Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC)
Enter at 199 Chambers Street

Sponsored by: Council Member Christopher Marte
Email: District1@council.nyc.gov
IPNTA (Independence Plaza Tenants Association)
Email: info@ipnta.org

Download this flyer as a pdf

Drawing of Proposed Vornado/Stellar Tower, 940 feet high, compared with all three Independence Plaza Buildings, each 356 feet high.

Previous Meeting:

Community Board 1 – Land Use Committee Meeting: Monday, December 11, 2023, 6:00 pm

Recently the Tenant Association was advised about what had been rumored for some time:  proposed plans after P.S 150 vacated their space. That location was used as a public school since the 1970s.

Stellar Management’s and Vornado Realty Trust’s proposal is for a new 900-foot residential tower at Independence Plaza, with its foundation on Greenwich  Street where there are currently stairs leading to the plaza. 

The proposal will be presented to Community Board 1’s Land Use, Zoning and Economic Development Committee on Monday, December 11 at 6:00 pm (see agenda below). Please log on or attend the meeting in person. Your participation and input about this proposal is needed. 

City Council Member Christopher Marté and staff member Conor Allerton had met with management and discussed issues regarding permits, etc. Marte’s office plans to meet with the tenants of IP and community in subsequent meetings. Dialog is ongoing. Conor has asked that we have a general tenants’ meeting with the Councilmember’s staff at IP for discussion with our residents. We are working on that now. With holidays, it’s a difficult time to schedule however we will send out notices once it is firmed up.

Monday December 11, 2023, 6:00 pm
Land Use, Zoning & Economic Development Committee
Location:  Manhattan Community Board Office - Conference Room
1 Centre Street, 2202A-North and
Live Remote Meeting - https://live.mcb1.nyc
We encourage the community to attend through remote (seating will be limited but by all means attend if you want to and if so, plan to arrive early.)

  1. Pre-Application Statement (PAS) to DCP for Independence Plaza, 310 Greenwich Street, Non-ULURP Modification of the existing Large Scale Residential Development site plan (LSRD) - Discussion and Possible Resolution
  2. Application number C 240122 PPM submitted by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, pursuant to Section 197-c of New York City Charter, for the disposition of one city-owned property, located at 7 North Moore Street (Block 190, Lot 47) pursuant to zoning - Discussion and updates
  3. City of Yes for Economic Opportunity proposal (N240010ZRY andN240011ZRY) Zoning Text Amendment Question Updates - Discussion

Read more about it in Tribeca Trib:

Download Proposed Tower info as PDF

Building Renovation at Independence Plaza

The anticipated timeline for construction in each building is below, followed by a summary of Stellar’s responses to frequently asked questions we have heard from tenants about the project.

Stellar has committed to making transparent, consistent communication a top priority throughout the renovations process.

If you have questions, you can contact the Stellar Management team by emailing Ipconstruction@stellarmanagement.com or calling (800) 313-0611.

(All dates are approximate depending on arrival of materials)

40 Harrison Street

80 N. Moore

310 Greenwich

Independence Plaza
Lobby and Corridor Renovation FAQ

How is management ensuring all renovation work will be up to code?
The project is designed by a licensed architect and will be reviewed and approved by the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) before construction begins. Once construction is complete, the architect, engineers, and the DOB will inspect the work to ensure it is within compliance with all codes and regulations.

Will the renovated lobbies include flood protections? Will they be built on higher ground?
The lobbies will be designed to withstand extreme weather, but will not be raised because that would create significant accessibility challenges for residents in wheelchairs and with other mobility constraints.

We know from experience that IP can be vulnerable to flooding in extreme weather and are coordinating with other stakeholders, including the Battery Park City Authority and Army Corps of Engineers, to ensure the buildings are protected by flood mitigation projects in development for Lower Manhattan.

Will there be any seating in the renovated lobbies?
There will be limited seating in the lobbies.  

Will the hallway renovations include installing new doors and doorbells? 
All doors will receive a fresh coat of paint and new hardware, including new doorbells. 

Will the new carpets be mold-resistant?
Yes. The new carpets will be a premium nylon material designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and prevent mold.

Will the paint used be low-odor and zero-VOC?
Yes. All paint used for the renovations will be Master Painters Institute (MPI) approved. It will be zero-VOC, low-odor, and include a washable finish.

Will new notice boards be added in hallways?
Yes. Notice boards will be replaced as part of the corridor renovations.

Will the doors to stairwells close completely? Will there be reflective tape on the stairs?
Yes. All new doors will close properly and there will be reflective tape on the stairs in line with New York City building codes.

What precautions will be taken to prevent tampering with mail waiting for pickup in the temporary mail rooms during renovation?
All temporary and permanent mail rooms will have surveillance cameras to prevent theft and tampering with mail.

Is there any asbestos present in the areas that will be renovated? If so, what precautions are being taken to protect residents from asbestos during the renovations?
Protecting residents’ safety is our top priority throughout the renovation. In line with this commitment, we have conducted exhaustive testing on the lobby and corridors screening for the presence of asbestos or any other potentially hazardous materials. These tests determined that there is no asbestos in any of the areas where renovations will be taking place.

Out of an abundance of caution, all work conducted as part of these renovations and any future projects will adhere to the latest DOB and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) safety rules and regulations, as well as current industry best practices, regarding asbestos protection, dust containment, and noise mitigation.

Download PDF of this article and Zoom Registration Details


The following information and program is ONLY APPLICABLE TO the original IP tenants in the Landlord Assistant Program. It does not affect voucher tenants.)

As you probably know, after months of waiting, Governor Hochul finally signed the legislative package expanding SCRIE and DRIE on December 22, 2022.

(The bill was passed in State Legislation on May 31, 2022, which is therefore considered the official date.)

This bill originally did NOT include IPN as a former Mitchell Lama building. However, thanks to a commitment to us from Senator Brian Kavanagh and Assemblymember Deborah Glick, who helped get this bill through State Legislation in the first place, IPN as a former Mitchell Lama, was also included.

SCRIE stands for: S ( Senior) C (Citizen) R (Rent) I (Increase) E (Exemption) DRIE stands for (Disabled) -- the rest is same as above

Download this pdf file which details the entire situation, provides instructions, links, and forms.

Best regards,
Diane Lapson: President
Ed Rosner: VP Bldg 1
Diane Stein: VP Bldg 3
BJ Berti: VP Bldg 9
Manuel Cabrero: VP Townhouses
Jean Hartman: Treasurer
Ella Biondi: Secretary
Marnee May: VP at Large
June Grancio: VP at Large
John Scott: Seniors Committee Chair

Rent Regulation, Downsizing

Previously posted information about J-51 and Rent Regulation is now on the J-51 page and Archive.
IPNTA Statement about our J-51 Lawsuit is on the J-51 page. Also see In The Press.

Other Information

Fire Safety Prevention


Other relevant reading...

Mitchell-Lama Residents Coalition has good articles about affordable housing in general and former Mitchell-Lama complexes, including IPN.

Links to Court Case:

"Best Doorman in New York"
Onnie Rose, 310 Greenwich's well-loved doorman, was featured in Daily News Best Doorman in New York article. Congratulations, Onnie!
NY Daily News, November 27, 2011

Previous Stories -- see IPNTA Newsletters or Archive

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Retainer/Solidarity Forms
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J51 Law Suit Judge Friedman's decision in the J-51 case, released Friday, April 3, 2009 (also see Archive)
September 28, 2007: On September 27, Judge Friedman issued two interim decisions about the J-51 case. Both are posted here as pdfs:
 J51 Summary Judgment Decision and IPNTA decision re Amend Complaint   [Full story in Archive...]
2010 Filing Rent Overcharge with DHCR Oct 2010 - Information and Forms to be posted shortly
DHCR Web site: http://nysdhcr.gov/Forms/Rent/ra89.pdf
2008 - Filing Rent Overcharge with DHCR - Group Filing Mar 2008 - Information about the first filing is in our Archive for reference.
The complaint forms have been filed by our attorney with DHCR, accompanied by this cover letter  (Full story -- see Archive or March 2008 Newsletter)
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