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Press Folder: Mitchell-Lama Rally/Hearing 10-29-03

[All Mitchell-Lama Rally information provided here is also available as a downloadable zip archive.]

News Release: October 29, 2003:
Tenants and Allies Rally to Preserve
Affordable Housing; Council Holds Hearing to Preserve Mitchell-Lama Housing

[Filename: Mitchell-Lama_Rally-Hearing_News_Release.pdf] posted 10/29/03

Testimony: posted 10/29/03
Testimony by Alan Epstein, Esq. [Filename: Attorney_Epstein_Testimony.pdf]
Testimony by Diane Lapson, IPNTA Tenant Leader [Filename: Testimony_IPNTA_Tenant_Leader_Diane_Lapson.pdf]

Put the brakes on housing losses, Daily News Viewpoint, by David Jones
[Filename: Mitchell-Lama_Rally-Hearing_News_Release.pdf] posted 10/29/03

List of Endorsers - Tenant Associations, Civic Organizations, Unions and Others Endorsing Intro 523, The Mitchell-Lama Conversion Protection Bill [Filename: Campaign_List_of_Endorsers.pdf]

City Council Bill Sponsors
[Filename: Sponsors_List.pdf]

Speaker Miller's Statement, 7/22/03
[Filename: Speaker_News_Release-July_22.pdf]

Tenants Shown the Door, by Eric Herman, NY Daily News, October 8, 2003
[Filename: Daily_News_Oct_ 8_2003_Tenants_shown_the_door.pdf]

Enactment of a Mitchell-Lama Conversion Study & Impact Fee
"Whether New York City as a part of the process by which owners of Mitchell-Lama developments subject to City supervision remove their developments from the regulation of the Mitchell-Lama program..."
[Filename: Manatt_Memo_on_Legal_Issues.pdf]
Follow-up Memo on Mitchell-Lama Conversion Impact Bill
"This memo is meant to serve as a brief addendum to our legal back-up memo of April 14 in order to respond to some of the comments and questions raised by... concerning the proposed Mitchell-Lama Conversion Impact Bill...."
[Filename: Manatt_Memo_on_Legal_Issues.pdf, Manatt_Memo_on_Legal_Issue2.pdf]
Memo on Enhanced Vouchers in Support of Intro 523; Offered as Testimony at Hearing of the Committee on Housing and Buildings
[Filename: memo_to_City_Council_Enhanced_Vouchers_final.pdf] posted 10/29/03

Mitchell-Lama Bill Summary
[Filename: M-L_Bill_Summary.pdf]

Mitchell-Lama Bill
[Filename: M-L_Bill.pdf]

Mitchell-Lama Building Profiles - Profiles of selected Mitchell-Lama Buildings
[Filename: Mitchell-Lama_Building_Profiles.pdf]

Mitchell-Lama Tenant Profiles - Profiles of selected Mitchell-Lama Tenants
[Filename: Mitchell-Lama_Tenant_Profiles.pdf]

Real Estate Board of NY Statement, 7/22/03, Statement by Steven Spinola, President
[Filename: REBNY_Statement.pdf]

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