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November 2005

Voucher Issues: An Update

By Vicki Green

The latest info for those of us receiving vouchers is that there is no news as far as federal funding for vouchers being withdrawn. So at this time, no news is good news!

Interim Rent Statements: Some of us received notices informing us of our interim rent statements but were bewildered as to what this means. On the face of it, this document confirms the tenant’s compliance with regulations and, therefore, is a reassuring statement of the tenant’s continued eligibility and receipt of rent assistance.

But tenants have also told us that they received the interim notice and, after that, a request for more documents. What to do?

Documentation: Our advice is to give HPD (the NYC Dept of Housing and Urban Preservation) whatever it requires—even if you are giving them the same documents you provided months ago. HPD is a big organization whose staff can lose things and need to see them again. Deplorable, maybe, but our best move is to comply rather than complain.

Inspection: Next is the matter of inspections. Some of us have been inspected, some not. It is a matter of law that we allow access to our apartments when HPD schedules an inspection. If we deny access, our vouchers may be withheld. It’s crazy to risk our homes over this. And there’s a plus side to allowing access. Many apartments fail inspections if the kitchen appliances don’t work, so if you have a problem with non-working appliances this is your chance to speak up. The landlord has to remedy these faults!

If you are concerned with these or any other matters regarding your voucher, we are very glad to help you understand your rights and obligations. Drop a note in your lobby box in an envelope addressed to Vicki or Voucher Lady. Or e-mail us at Vicki40Harrison@aol.com. Tell us the best way to reach you, and we will contact you.

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