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Neighbor to Neighbor -- The Downtown Solution: IPNTA's Guide to Community Healing

People With Special Needs

The “A” List. The building manager provided us with a list of senior citizens and disabled residents in each building. This became our "A-List' — the people we'd check on first. Everyone talked to their neighbors to make sure these people were ok.

For people with special needs, these sources provide detailed information on how to prepare. The Red Cross recommends establishing a personal network – individuals who will check with you in an emergency and give if assistance if needed.

Seven Important Items to Discuss, Give to and Practice with Your Personal Support Network:

1. Make arrangements, prior to an emergency, for your support network to immediately check on you after a disaster and, if needed, offer assistance.
2. Exchange important keys.
3. Show where you keep emergency supplies.
4. Share copies of your relevant emergency documents, evacuation plans and emergency health information card.
5. Agree and practice a communications system regarding how to contact each other in an emergency.
6. You and your personal support network should always notify each other when you are going out of town and when you will return.
7. The relationship should be mutual. Learn about each other’s needs and how to help each other in an emergency.

• Disaster Preparedness for Seniors by Seniors
• Tips for People with Special Needs & Concerns
• Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities

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