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Neighbor to Neighbor -- The Downtown Solution: IPNTA's Guide to Community Healing

More Resources and Help for Organizing

Remember to “take heart”. Dr. Carl Bell, a Chicago psychiatrist, defines heart as, "the characteristic that causes a person to be firm in his or her beliefs and to have the determination to accomplish goals. Examples of heart can be found in many accounts of people who have overcome hardships and become successful." (Bell, 1998).

It's not always easy to be the first one to organize — so the support of another group can help tremendously. A helpful organization is: Citizens Committee for New York, Tel: 212-989-0909 (see “Resources” page for address).

You may be on your own when you start the ball rolling, but we believe you won't be alone for long.

Many great downtown advocacy groups cropped up immediately. They have done fantastic work on behalf of lower Manhattan. Even as early as 9/12/01 plans for recovery were being discussed in pockets of the neighborhood. The 911 Environmental Action Committee and the WTC Residents Coalition were formed. Community Board members began planning a group to help downtown businesses get back on their feet. These are just three of the many wonderful groups. Community organization IS the solution for bouncing back!

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